Josie Northern is looking for a Studio / Room in Tilburg

Josie Northern is looking for: A Studio / Room in Tilburg

  • Studio / Room
  • Min. 1 m2
  • Female
  • 23 Immediately

I'm starting my premasters in Data Science at Tilburg at the end of August, and I'm looking for an apartment! A bit about me:
• 30 year old and have lived in three different rental situations over the years varying from 8 months to 3 years
• I studied architecture, sociology, and building engineering previously, and have been working in architecture firms for the last 2 years
• I’m currently living in Toronto but will arrive on the 13th, and my cousin can view the apartment before that date

General information: Josie Northern
  Female, 34 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  translation.andersstudy year MSc Data Science (University)